Tanya, 26. Russian.

"No one can take it away from me,
And no one can tear it apart.
Because a heart that hurts,
Is a heart that works." - Placebo.

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I feel like this should be pretty self-explanatory. I’m drawing these for a zine at my college (and they have a tumblr! lips-appstate.tumblr.com!), but submissions are due today, so they’re a bit more rushed than I would have liked.

I tried to be inclusive and not-shitty. Hopefully I succeeded at that. There are more of these I’d like to draw, but like I said, time limitations :P


So how do you guys feel about some completely random and unprovoked sterek porn? ‘Cause I had some lying around and well… The only thing I regret is that I totally butchered the anatomy. Again. Be advised: no body part is safe with me.

Next stop: more fluff. Because you can’t go wrong with fluff.



Thank you, internet.

As I said on twitter, if they’re not going to actually kiss on screen this is the next best thing. :DDDDD

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It’s been a long time coming. And now it’s finally happnened.#TheUniting , at last , with @realgrumpycat